Psychospiritual counselling and coaching

Jasper KenterAs a One Spirit psychospiritual counsellor and coach I offer individual counselling and coaching sessions and group workshops. 

Where I can help

I can support you with questions related to finding meaning, purpose, identity, depth and authenticity. These questions are often triggered by change, such as adolescence, relationship breakups, health issues, job changes, burnouts, death of loved ones, recovery from addiction, and moving through life stages. When our situation and roles change we might struggle with old identities and ways of doing things that don’t work for us anymore, or changes lead to feeling emptiness or anxiety, or a wish to address deeper questions and longings.

We are not separate from the world around us, and I am also very interested in the way we are shaped by and respond to the state of the world, including ecological crisis, inequalities and oppression, which can bring up feelings like grief, anger, despair, and powerlessness. 

In coaching sessions I can help you identify a more authentic trajectory in your life or profession, and work with questions such as gaining more freedom from your inner critic, reducing stress, finding the right work-life balance, addressing workplace conflicts and difficult workplace cultures, being more authentic in your decisions, and compassionate, heart-based leadership.

I also welcome clients who have a religious or non-religious spiritual, meditation, or mindfulness practice and are interested in support, collaboration, or spiritual direction to look more deeply into what their practice means to them, what it might bring up for them, and to help explore the intersection between spirituality and daily life and relationships, and connect more deeply with our presence, awareness, and humanity as the ground of who and what we are.

Psychospiritual counselling and coaching

My approach to psychospiritual counselling and coaching is transpersonal and grounded in presence. Working with presence means we allow whatever wants to arise in our present experience to deepen. Working together, I will support you in tuning into the flow of your unfoldment. An important part of this is connecting with our hearts and bodies to be able to recognise and express our feelings, and letting go of unproductive and painful self-judgements. The starting point can be a particular issue, but it can also be a curiosity about life, meaning, our purpose and place in the world, and our relation to spirit. As well as talking, we might do guided meditations, body movement and breath exercises, where this feels appropriate. 

Working transpersonally means I will see you not just as  individual wanting to improve their wellbeing, but also attune to how what is arising is the journey of our soul in relationship to our essential nature and the spiritual ground of reality.

About me

I was ordained as a One Spirit Interfaith Minister in 2017 and am ROSIM registered, accredited and insured as a psychospiritual counsellor. I have participated in extensive spiritual practice and psychotherapy for 25 years. I am interested in diverse mystical traditions from across Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and nature-based spirituality. My primary, long-term practice of meditation and spiritual inquiry is as a student of the Diamond Approach since 2006, a non-religious path of self-realisation. I also have a strong interest in integrative and psychodynamic approaches, including through my own extensive participation in biodynamic and body-oriented psychotherapy, transpersonal and psychosynthesis therapy.

In addition to working as a counsellor and coach, I work a university professor and direct a social enterprise focused on sustainability research. Through working in higher education I have many years of experience of mentoring and coaching as a pastoral supervisor, line manager, and union representative, and I have a particular interest in supporting students and university staff. I left my full time academic job during the pandemic to move back to mid Wales, live a more balanced life and devote more time to my spiritual practice. I also love being a dad and spending time in the hills and sea.

Locations and fees

I offer individual sessions at my home in Borth and at Covent House in Machynlleth. My fees follow an income-based sliding scale. I turn nobody down for financial reasons. Contact me here via email or phone for a free 20-30 minute consultation.