About me

I am an interdisciplinary researcher in sustainable development, conservation and environmental management issues with a specialisation in ecological economics. My main current research interest is in people’s values around nature. I enjoy taken a broad view of the notion of value and values, looking through the lenses of economics, ecology, ethics, psychology and spiritual practice, and have a particular interest in how social processes shape values and in ways we can integrate economic and deliberative methodologies to better incorporate shared values of nature into decision-making.

I currently work at the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) as principal investigator and lecturer in ecological economics. Within SAMS I lead the social science group within the Laurence Mee Centre for Society and the Sea, an interdisciplinary research centre investigating the links between ecosystems, communities, economics and policy in managing the environment, working with a broad range of sectors. I am also an honorary fellow of the University of Edinburgh, School of Geosciences and visiting lecturer at the University of Leicester. Finally, I work as an independent consultant, have recently been ordained as Interfaith Minister by the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, and enjoy landscape photography.

I have authored over 30 peer reviewed publications and was recently guest editor of the journal Ecosystem Services. I have lectured at the Universities of Aberdeen, St Andrews, Edinburgh and Leicester and I was a principal investigator and lead author for the second phase of the UK National Ecosystem Assessment, leading the work package on shared, plural and cultural values of ecosystems. I am also a board member of the European Society for Ecological Economics. For my cross-disciplinary research in the Solomon Islands (South Pacific) on environmental values, I have received prizes from the European Society for Ecological Economics, the Society for Conservation Biology, and the Geographical Field Group. Before moving to the UK, I worked as an environmental campaigner in the Netherlands, Iceland and elsewhere.

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