About me

I am an interdisciplinary researcher in sustainable development, conservation and environmental management issues with a specialisation in ecological economics and citizen and stakeholder deliberation. My main research interest is in people’s values around nature. I enjoy taken a broad view of the notion of value and values, looking through the lenses of economics, ecology, ethics, psychology and spiritual practice, and have a particular interest in how social processes shape values and in ways we can integrate economic and deliberative methodologies to better incorporate shared values of nature into decision-making. I also work more broadly on new economics approaches, including in the context of economic recovery from COVID.

I currently work at the University of York, Environment Department as Reader in Deliberative Ecological Economics, where I am programme leader for the MSc in Environmental Economics and Environmental Management. I previously worked as Principal Investigator at the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) where I lead the Laurence Mee Centre for Society and the Sea, and have lectured at the Universities of Edinburgh, St Andrews, Leicester and Aberdeen. I also run Ecologos, an independent research and consultancy company, work as a psycho-spiritual counsellor being ordained as Interfaith Minister by the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, and enjoy landscape photography.

I have authored over 45 peer reviewed publications (link to Google Scholar Profile). My work has received funding from European, UK, Norwegian and Finnish research councils and I currently co-lead the EU Horizon 2020 PERICLES project on maritime cultural heritage. I lead the Global Assessment for a New Economics, am a Lead Author for the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) focusing on the conceptualisation of multiple values. I was previously a principal investigator for the second phase of the UK National Ecosystem Assessment (2012-2014), leading work on shared, plural and cultural values of ecosystems. I have also served as board member of the International Society for Ecological Economics and the European Society for Ecological Economics. For my cross-disciplinary research in the Solomon Islands (South Pacific) on environmental values, I have received prizes from the European Society for Ecological Economics, the Society for Conservation Biology, and the Geographical Field Group. Before moving to the UK, I worked as an environmental campaigner in the Netherlands, Iceland and elsewhere.